Mother, Educator, Psychologist, Researcher, Author, Artist, Lifelong Learner

Cheri L. Philip, Ph.D., was trained as a personality psychologist receiving her B.S. (Magna Cum Laude) from Howard University and her Ph.D., from the University of Michigan.  She has held multiple roles as a research scientist, consultant and writer.  Among the many titles she has held, the most impactful has been her role as mother and homeschooling parent.  She has worked with her husband to build their TEAM3S framework (a holistic variation of STEM) into a working model that can be shared with others in a non-prescriptive way.

A major aim in her current work is to provide strong examples of teaching strategies and tools that have worked well and to create a community of “Citizen Scientists.”  Citizen Scientists can be a major force in demonstrating the value of not only educating children, but parents learning alongside their children.  Other major goals in addition to the upcoming YouTube Docuseries The Art & Science of the Everyday, are to create a suite of educational apps that are geared towards young learners and their parents, as well as the young at heart (lifelong learners).

Dr. Philip’s professional experience includes working on issues of diversity in military recruitment as a contractor for the Department of Defense; health communication at the Medical University of South Carolina; and working as a professional staff member/consultant at SRA International, the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.  She has presented/conducted research and filmed documentary video footage in a variety of countries (Mexico, South Africa, India, Switzerland and France) on a variety of projects focused on cross cultural education/communication, gender roles and health.