Besangie S. White, Ph.D.

Consultant & Assistant Professor of Psychology
Wesleyan College (2011-2015)

“Children are magical. As a society, we often overlook the infinite abilities of children for a myriad of reasons, including but not limited to, stunted mainstream social perspectives or simply a lack of knowing the signs of brilliance. However, there are people who create opportunities for children to shine.

As a developmental psychologist and educator, I try to find examples of children exceeding the standard expectations to help recreate the “norm” for my students. I shared these examples with students to challenge their views on child cognitive development. They stare in awe at Romanieo Jr.’s abilities as he casually eats cereal and discusses atomic weight. They can’t believe he’s that knowledgeable about science. After showing them the video, I ask them why they were so amazed.

The overall consensus was that they had never seen a child do something so high-level. The conversation then becomes focused on how society talks to and teaches children and what changes can be made to create more magical outcomes. Students ponder how education systems help and hinder children’s cognitive development with fresh eyes. It is efforts like the ones made my the Robeson group that helped to open my students eyes to the real potential of children.”