“Romanieo will be an excellent ambassador to ATLAS, CERN, and Particle Physics” says Physicist, Dr. Steven Goldfarb.

Romanieo Jr., (along with his parents) was invited to tour multiple sites at CERN this past November by a physicist working on the ATLAS Experiment and actively involved in Education Outreach, Dr. Steven Goldfarb.  Dr. Goldfarb has worked at CERN since 1988, and graciously rolled out the red carpet to Romanieo Jr., by coordinating tours of:

  • CERN Microcosm
  • CERN’s Globe of Science and Innovation
  • CERN Control Centre
  • ATLAS Control Room
  • CMS Control Room
  • CERN Data Centre
  • IdeaSquare
  • ATLAS Open Data Demo

As an added bonus to cap off the visit, Dr. Goldfarb named Romanieo Jr., an ATLAS Science Ambassador and told him that he wants Romanieo to continue spreading his love of science, with a targeted focus on CERN and the ATLAS Experiment now that he has been given insider access.  Dr. Goldfarb stated “I am counting on you,” and I expect to hear great things from you in the future.”  So, in the spirit of Dr. Goldfarb’s instruction to Romanieo Jr., he will be sharing his newfound knowledge about CERN and the ATLAS Experiment in a new monthly YouTube mini-series entitled “All About ATLAS.”

Thanks for visiting and we will be updating new content on our evolving relationship with CERN and ATLAS in the coming weeks and months.

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