Father, Educator, Strategist, Artist, Composer, Symphonist, Linguist,  & Chess Player

[3] Background

Mr. Romanieo N. Golphin Sr., Founder/CEO of the Robeson Group, is a symphonic thinker.  He has studied at Howard University (Piano & Biology) in Washington, DC; The Juilliard School (Private Instruction) New York, NY; and at the M. Lomonosov Philological Department (Russian Language and Cultural Study) at Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.

Among his many titles are that of scientist, composer and linguist (Russian, Mandarin & Spanish), and has been called a true polymath by those who know him well.  He has held a variety of positions in his over 20 years of professional experience in television and film, multimedia strategy, as well as a variety of areas of musical composition (classical, opera and jazz).  He most recently served as Operations Manager and Multimedia Strategist in the Department of Music at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and served as lead construction liaison of a $17 Million dollar renovation of historic Hill Hall (updated from $15M).

Mr. Golphin continues to honor one of his great heroes Paul Robeson in his quest to devise effective tools and strategies to teach complex concepts in both science and arts to young learners.  His focused work with his son led to considerable media attention in 2012 and his teaching framework, TEAM3S (see below) has led to him receiving awards, speaking invitations and continued requests for educational programming from parents, educators and others from around the world.  These requests have prompted a shift in his focus from composition to educational innovation that he has worked on developing with his wife.

International Work: China, Russia, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Mexico, USA