The Art & Science of the Everyday (ASED), is a set of conversation starters, that explores the simple beauty and logic of the natural world. The ASED will go beyond STEM and use the cultural arts as the lens through which we explore our topics.
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What Our Clients & Friends Said About Us

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"...An intellectual curiosity that I find rare."

[Romanieo Sr.'s] diplomacy and speaking demeanor would be welcomed in any classroom in higher education. He is a very intelligent person, a measured speaker, a good listener, and one that begins to make the people around him “better,” through his subtle “teaching” manners.

James Ketch, M.S. Prof. & Former Chair, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Music

"An indispensable thinker..." to interface effectively with architects and campus IT officials as we approach a $15,000,000 renovation of Hill Hall. In short, Romanieo Golphin [Sr.] has ushered our unit into the 21st Century in a most seamless and non-threatening manner.

James Ketch, M.S. Prof. & Former Chair, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Music

"...have developed a vision of providing quality scientific education to children."

As the Robeson Group named for legendary pioneer Paul Robeson, they are developing strategies and a curriculum to develop the next generation of scientific minds ... As a team they have successfully homeschooled their now six-year old genius son, Romanieo, Jr. who can articulate concepts of science and music on an advanced college level.

Louise Toppin, DMA Professor & Chair, Department of Music, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"I was deeply impressed..." what you've accomplished with your son. It brilliantly illustrates what we can do for children if we ... educate more children without extinguishing the flames of curiosity AND ability (as you've demonstrated so elegantly), we can raise children with much greater scientific literacy.

Derrick Pitts, Sc.D. Planetarium Director & Chief Astronomer, The Franklin Institute

"He's a true Mozart"

I can say I have never met anyone like him (Romanieo Jr). Categorically never! He's a true Mozart.

James Moeser, Ph.D. Chancellor Emeritus, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill