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Quotable Quotes

  • What is honored in a country is cultivated there.

    - Plato -
  • If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.

    - Albert Einstein -
  • Learning often means changing the game board, not just learning fancier strategies on the same board with the same pieces.

    - David Perkins -

Who we are

We are a small creative team trying to enrich the lives of others

With our combined experience we have serviced clients such as: The University of Michigan; Howard University; Medical University of South Carolina; Universidad de las Americas; The United States Department of Defense; and SRA International Global Health Sector.

It has been long said by Robeson Group Executive Director, Romanieo Golphin, Sr., that we take the first “W” for granted in the standard URL address “www.” The first “W” represents “World” and with that World/Global perspective, presenting ideas or doing business in a global platform without “global know-how” is the fault of most organizations. Paul Robeson is said to have spoken 15 languages and concertized in over 20 languages. Thus, wherever Paul Robeson went, there was a sense of being “home” and a higher understanding of humanity.

At the Robeson Group, we believe that the strength of any organization lies not only in its connections to the surrounding community, but equally important are the global ties it can establish with clients who value the importance of education, arts & cultural exchange. Our more recent work in educational innovation (via new methodologies for early learning), as well as strategizing with University faculty on how best to utilize technology in the classroom and to present their work to the public (see our Services page for more) has allowed us to think broadly about connecting local and global communities.  Our upcoming plans involve partnerships with multiple entities to bridge the arts and science “gap” to connect our own experiences with the education and research communities looking to help the next paradigm shift in education.

Our company is named after Paul Robeson (April 9, 1898 – January 23, 1976), known around the world for his outstanding vocal abilities in a wide range of genres (Opera, Classical, Spirituals) and the incredible characters he brought to the film world. Known as a Renaissance Man, Paul Robeson was a true polymath who used his extensive gifts (intellectual, athletic, artistic) to advocate on behalf of all who have not received adequate justice. He graduated (Valedictorian, All-American) from Rutgers University, and received his law degree from Columbia University and throughout his illustrious career, he remained a staunch social activist committed to equal rights. Despite his many accomplishments in a time of racial inequality in the United States, many Americans do not know about his outstanding record fighting for the equal rights of all people around the world. It is part of our mission to bring this knowledge to a broader audience. And, because Robeson was such a strong example of an individual who achieved excellence in such broad areas, we champion the polymath in us all.
Polymath: a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning. Early 17th century: from Greek polumathēs ‘having learned much,’ from polu- ‘much’ + the stem of manthanein ‘learn.’







Romanieo Jr.

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Our Services

Strategic Consultation

Establishing Global Partnerships/Collaborations.  Enhancing the Client’s/Organization’s Public Scholarship Agenda.  Creating partnerships between local community and corporate entities.

Broader Community Engagement

Lectures, Symposia, Festivals, targeted to develop active partnerships.

Incorporation of Technological Tools in the Classroom

A tailored service based upon mission, needs and goals of the organization.


The Robeson Group Team

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